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Encore from Truth Hardware is an innovative operator that offers an interchangeable cover and folding handle design.

Encore incorporates all the same strength and performance characteristics of our Maxim~ operators. It meets or exceeds the maximum performance requirements that are sought in today’s market of larger more versatile casement and awning windows. Now, you can have the most attractive, easiest operating, highest performing, best value in window hardware. The style and performance results are numerous:

truth_hardware02Encore Is Based On Maxim Mechanicals

  • Drops into current Maxim cutout, and applications
  • 33% less effort to operate than Entry Guard models
  • Provides Maxim-size larger window operation
  • Allows applications to meet ADA requirements
  • Certified to meet AAMA 904.1 cycle test at commercial rating
  • Reduced sash play-even on Dyad
  • Time proven design
  • Featuring the new Series handle and cover sets-the first of many designs that will work exclusively with the Encore system.

Smaller Sealable Housing/Gasket

  • Reduces water/air infiltration and eliminates caulking
  • Minimizes mounting surface damage in punching or routing of operator cut-out
  • Overlapping lip creates stable mounting surface and improves seal endurance
  • Minimizes housing size and allows more cover/handle designs
Removable Cover

  • Reduces inventory costs by allowing non-color specific operators to be stocked
  • Installation after home is completed eliminates construction damage
  • Integrated snap feature allows fastener-less cover attachment
  • Plated finishes are less expensive and more durable
  • Removes easily for painting and staining
  • Allows window manufacturers to “personalize” their look with possible proprietary cover designs

“Full Flip” Folding Handle

  • Design eliminates tendency to “collapse” during operation
  • Offers smoother, more contemporary, integrated look when nested
  • Allows screen release without removing the crank handle on most windows
  • Reduces interference with blinds and drapery

Low Profile And Rear Mount Operators Available

  • Fits wider range of profiles and window types
  • Allows sill and rear mounting in same operator (dual-axis mounting)
  • Easily mounts to thin wall profiles: fiberglass, aluminum, and steel
  • Improves mounting stability
  • Increases gasket compression: water and air tightness on rear mount
Encore Dual Arm

  • Allows for egress or washability with the same operator mounted in the same location
  • Operates sash sizes up to 40″ x 84″ and weighing up to 108 Ibs.
  • Uses same bracket as Maxim dyad mounted in same location
  • Provides over 7″ of washability with the standard Maxim 13″ hinge

Encore Dyad and Single Arm

  • Utilizes same hardware cutout and location as Dual Arm
  • Fits sash sizes down to 16″ widths
  • Operates sash sizes equal to EntryGard Dual Arm
  • Provides over 7″ of washability with standard Maxim 13″ hinge

Encore Awning Operators

  • Provides the same look throughout home
  • Maximum opening combined with wide “pull-in” connection to sash
  • New narrow gauge version fits tighter profiles and smaller window size


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