Window Glass

Not only is glass important to the overall aesthetics of your home, it is critical for maximizing energy efficiency and comfort.

In our northern climate we can experience some drastic weather fluctuation from season to season and sometimes we can experience those changes from day to day. This can be a challenge in choosing the type of glass when you are designing your windows for your home.

In the southern climates where cooling is the primary concern, the glass used in windows is designed to keep the heat out decreasing air conditioning costs. In the north where heating is the primary concern windows are typically designed to keep the heat in while taking advantage of free solar heat.

The challenge in Alberta is to design windows to do both. One way to do this is to look at every room differently. If you have large windows in rooms facing south or west that get uncomfortably hot in summer using glass primarily designed to keep the heat out might be ideal for that room. In rooms that do not have a heat gain problem, using glass designed primarily to keep the heat in while allowing solar gain would increase the energy efficiency of your home by reducing heating costs.

If you are taking advantage of the Eco-Energy grants available through the Federal and Provincial Governments the products you choose must have an Energy Star rating to qualify. QualiGlass is an Energy Star Participant.

Insulated glass units are available in dual (2 panes of glass) or triple glazing (3 panes of glass). Each pane of glass is separated by a spacer as well as a space filled with air or an inert gas like argon. The spacing system QualiGlass uses in its glass is called the Super Spacer TM manufactured by Edgetech.


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