Window Frame Materials

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PVC Windows

What is PVC? Vinyl is composed of two simple building blocks – chlorine, based on common salt, and ethylene, from crude oil. The resulting compound is ethylene dichloride, which is converted at a very high temperature to vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) gas. Through a chemical reaction called polymerization, VCM turns into a stable powder, polyvinyl chloride resin the basic material that is fed into the PVC extrusion machines that produce the different parts of a PVC window.

Why Choose Vinyl?

Vinyl gets high marks for its thermal efficiency and minimal need for maintenance, but vinyl has many other characteristics that make it the building material of choice- it’s strong, durable and insulates against noise. Above all, it’s easier to get what you want in vinyl, custom-built products are our routine.

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Vinyl windows are inexpensive, durable, and are energy efficient. Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free and are available in a number of popular colors. What’s more, the color is manufactured into the actual material, so dings and scratches are nearly impossible to see. The vinyl products we use for our windows are made from virgin PVC [link] combined with UV inhibitors for lasting durability and beauty.


What About Wood?

Wood is another material used in residential windows. It can be painted or stained, and its ease-of-use makes for easier custom windows, which is why highly detailed designs are typically made from wood. With regard to energy efficiency, few sash and frame materials are better insulators than wood.

The only downside to using wood windows is that they require regular maintenance. Peeling paint is more than an eyesore, it’s a sign that wood is being exposed to weather, which will ultimately cause it to rot. A small number of high-end producers use rot-resistant species like mahogany, but most domestically manufactured windows are made from less-resistant species such as pine. That said, a properly maintained wood window could last hundreds of years. Another downside to wood windows over vinyl is the cost.



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