Slider Windows

Click the image below to see how this style of window opens up…

The horizontal slider and the vertical slider (also known as single or double hung) window designs consist of horizontal or vertical sashes that slide in independent grooves.

Ease of use, ease of maintenance and the overall durability of slider windows make it the most popular windows for both new construction as well as renovation projects. This window design makes it possible for half the window space to be open at a time and are available in custom sizes, and can even be configured in a variety of shapes.

This window design can also be put in combination with other window styles as well as with rounded tops called radius or rake tops.

Single Hung SliderSlider windows are also double glazed, which improves the cooling and heating efficiency of your home. Maintenance is made simple with vinyl, easy to clean sashes that tilt out and can be removed.

You will immediately see the quality construction and materials when you see them in our showroom. With features like fusion-welded corners for durability, a beveled exterior frame, enhanced aesthetics and a welded sloped sill for water drainage, these windows offer homeowners the features and craftsmanship that they expect from all QualiGlass products.

Both Double Hung as well as the Single-Hung window design has an effortless tilt-in operation for ease of cleaning and smooth sash movement, with no warping or swells. The single-slider features lift-out sash for ease of cleaning and tandem rollers for smooth sash operation.

  • Sash and frame corners are miter cut and fusion-welded, eliminating caulking and joints that may loosen and/or leak.
  • Streamlined design narrows the vinyl profiles and recessed tilt latches, leaving a larger glass area to yield more light.
  • Our 3/4″ glass unit means greater energy savings.
  • Literally “care free”, our windows resist corrosion from pollutants, never need painting and can be cleaned with soap and water.
  • Beveled exterior frame for enhanced aesthetics.
  • Tandem rollers on the slider to ensure smooth sash operation.
  • Available in white and beige (wicker).



Of course the other factors when choosing your casement windows are colour, the brick mold and the type of opening hardware.

Frame Colour

When it comes to frame and sash color selection we have 2 series of casement windows providing the following colours…

  • White
  • Wicker
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Slate
  • Foil
  • Custom Color (Painted)

Brick Mold

Brick mold is the trim around the exterior of the window.



Hardware is required on casement windows enabling you to open them from the inside (see animation above). We provide only the best in hardware manufacturers for all our window products.

Other major considerations when buying windows are…


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