Picture Window


Rectangular or square in shape they are non- opening and bring light into your home. As a stand alone or in combination with opener units or shapes let your imagination be your guide.

  • Fusion-welded frame is strong durable and maintenance free.
  • Multiple chambers increase strength and energy efficiency.
  • Interior glazing presents a seamless sash top the elements.
  • Contoured designed sash has a timeless traditional look.
  • Maximizes unobstructed view
  • Available with dual or triple pane glass configurations.
  • Energy efficient


Frame Colour

When it comes to frame and sash color selection we offer the following colours…

  •     White
  •     Wicker


Brick Mold Colour (brick mold is the trim around the exterior of the window)

  •     Brown
  •     Green
  •     Blue
  •     Slate
  •     Foil
  •     Custom Color (Painted)

Other major considerations when buying windows are…


or come in and…

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