Wood Doors

There are two types of wood doors, solid wood and engineered wood doors. Solid wood  doors  use solid pieces of wood for all the different part of the door such as rails, stiles, panels and lock blocks. Engineered wood doors uses a variety of wood products and glue for the structure of the door and veneer for the visible parts.

Wood will naturally absorb moisture and can warp, crack or rot if they are not finished properly. Any part of a wood door that is rubbing against the frame or catching on the striker or anything else that wares the finish off can start the degradation process that can ruin your expensive door.

If you are choosing wood as the material for you entrance doors add in the extra time and cost for a regular maintenance program into the price of the door. It will be time and money well spent to keep your  entrance way in tip-top shape for years to come.

Exterior Wood doors are often  more expensive than the other types available. An excellent alternative, especially for our climate are wood- grain fiberglass doors. QualiGlass carries a large selection of fiberglass doors which can be finished to look and feel like real wood.







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