Exterior Door Systems by QualiGlass

 Exterior Door Systems by QualiGlass

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When deciding on the right doors for your home, choosing the best material, not only for the door but also for the door frame, is very important. Door slabs are made from a variety of materials including wood, steel, smooth fiberglass and wood-grain fiberglass.

Wood doors are often custom made and are more expensive than the other types available. They, like other wood products have to be painted or stained and will require regular maintenance. Learn more about wood doors…

Steel doors are the most economical choice. A steel door is a foam filled wood frame door covered with a thin steel sheet. The styles and rails (top, bottom and sides) are made out of wood and are typically primed white. It is important to read the warrantee on steel doors carefully because most manufactures require that they are painted within a short time after installation. Learn more about steel doors…

Fiberglass door slabs are either smooth white or have a wood grain appearance and come in a light beige colour. Both are maintenance free but the wood grain fiberglass is usually stained or painted. Smooth fiberglass can also be painted but is often just left in its original colour. Learn more about fiberglass doors…


Exterior door frames are also made from a variety of materials including wood, PVC and fiberglass (Composite).

Wood is the most common and economical door frame material. Most steel doors will also have a wood frame.

PVC frames are an alternative that offers strength and are maintenance free. When choosing a fiberglass door, a fiberglass frame will add strength, beauty and a lifetime of low maintenance operation.

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