Cutting Concrete-Enlarging Basement Windows

During the year I get several calls from people wanting to make their basement windows larger. It is usually involves cutting concrete.  Sometimes it’s because of the EGRESS code and sometimes it’s just for more light and or ventilation but it usually involves cutting concrete for enlarging basement windows.


You can increase the size of your basement window by making it bigger in width and or height and there arbasement windowe considerations for each situation to look out for.  The picture of this basement window is fairly typical for an Edmonton home built in the 60’s. The bottom of the window was only a few inches above grade so if the customer were to increase the height of the window, a window well would have to be installed to keep back the earth from around the window.





window well By adding a window well you also have to make sure it drains properly unless you’re installing submarine windows because you could be causing yourself some major problems. The hole should be dug or augured down to meet the gravel surrounding the weeping tile so the well can drain properly. This excavation, drainage and window well installation adds extra cost to project.








In this case our customer decided on making the window wider so the hole that was dug was only for the concrete cutters and their equipment. The hole was filled in after the project was completed so no drainage was necessary.



The concrete company will require the dimension of the window to be marked out on the wall to be cut.





The frame for the concrete saw is attached to the wall using lag bolts .







                                     prep4                                         The saw is assembled and the cut begins.   






As you can see from the photo it is necessary to prepare for the concrete cut on the interior as well. Because the blade is circular the cut in the wall goes further than what the rough opening for the window will be.

There need to be a bout 24″of free space around the cut area for the saw blade path.




Concrete  saws use water so if your room is finished you’ll need to cover the cut are in with plastic or else you’ll have quite a mess on your hands.


QualiGlass Windows and Doors can help you with all your basement window needs including concrete cuts for enlarging basement windows.

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